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TNSCTP Scholarship Letters

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Applicant must attend an Alabama state-supported college. Self-addressed, stamped envelope is required to receive application. Deadline July Applicant must be a participant in the Iowa American Legion Baseball Tournament and portray outstanding sportsmanship, team play, and athletic ability. Selection is by the State Baseball Committee. Deadline First Week of January. Deadline March 1. Applicant must be a high school senior or graduate under 20 years of age, a New York state resident, the child or grandchild of a veteran, and be pursuing a career in medical or teaching fields. Deadline February 1.

Applicant must be a U. Applicant must be sponsored by an ANS local section, division, student branch, committee member or organization member. Deadline November Selection is based upon financial need, academic achievement, and personal and professional goals. Two reference forms from two dental school representatives i. Selection is based upon interest in and a commitment to a career in medical assisting, financial need, academic ability, and demonstration of involvement in school and community. Students studying other allied health professions or planning to enter medical school are not eligible.

Applicant must be the child of a Navy Supply Corps Officer including Warrant or associated supply enlisted ratings on active duty, in reserve status, retired-with-pay, or deceased, and have a minimum 3. Selection is based upon scholastic ability, character, leadership, and financial need. Deadline June Applicant must be enrolled full time in a New York state school or college, be a New York resident at the start of the term for which payment is requested, and be the child of a veteran who served in the U. Veteran parent must have been a New York resident at the time of entry into service or at death.

Award -. Applicant must be the child or spouse of a New York police officer, firefighter, or peace officer and a New York resident attending a New York school at the start of the term for which payment is requested. Parent must have died as a result of injury sustained in the line of duty. Award is actual tuition cost or SUNY undergraduate tuition, whichever is less. Deadline January Applicant must be a woman who is properly qualified and has proven ability by several years experience.

Awards are made in recognition of leadership in cooperative extension work and initiative in scientific research. Applicant must submit a letter of application, plan of study, testimonials of character, ability, personality, small recent photograph, and scholarship, theses, papers or reports, and a certificate from the registrar of degrees awarded. Deadline November 30; April Applicant must be a current employee who is enrolled in a nursing or allied health e. Minimum 2. Award requires a work commitment at Suburban Hospital in Bethesda, MD, upon completion of degree program. Part-time study must be directed toward enhancing job skills.

Deadline December 2. Applicant must be a high school senior who is a citizen of the United States. Selection is based upon scholarship, leadership, and financial need. Applicant must be a high school senior with a minimum 3. Each National Honor Society chapter may nominate two applicants based on leadership, scholarship, character, and service. Contact your local National Honor Society adviser for further information.

Selection is based upon scholastic achievement, career goals, leadership skills, and determination. She thought it was all so aggressive, in which she was used to from her family, but not in a public place. As most students do in high school they adjust to the high school setting. While being in the seventh and eighth grade, Bailey had continued to achieve the honor roll and had a group of friends. Demographics and context: Daneka was a 15 year old girl.

She was a loving, energetic girl who had lots of friends, was a straight-A student and enjoyed dancing. She was raised in a middle-class family who always wanted what was best for Daneka. Chiara grew up with a strong and healthy relationship with her parents, but she did not always obey them and would occasionally have fights with them. Chiara grew up as a happy and healthy child. While Chiara was a kind student, she struggled in school and even failed her first year of high school. She was often teased in school for her strong beliefs and was given the nickname "Sister".

However she made a lot of good friends, often going out wit them. One Saturday morning, five students attended detention in the library at Shermer High School. Each student represented a different clique and high school personality. Andy Clark is the champion wrestler with a bright athletic future. Brian Johnson is the smart kid in school who never gets anything lower than an A. Allison Reynolds is the misunderstood outcast who is often times ignored. According to the book pg. The self-reliance aspect is reflected in the quote from Amber, that I used in the beginning of my paper.

Amber was on the honor role since her freshman year of high school despite the many difficulties she faced outside of school such as moving in with her disabled grandmother leaving her to fend for herself at the age of She is the only white student in the school. She befriends a fellow classmate, Derrick, an intelligent young African — American who is bound for medical school and his insightful sister. Together they share their love of dance, and become strong support systems for each other.

Derrick encourages Sarah to audition for Julliard and fulfill her. She would watch every meet that was on television and even recorded it so she could pause and rewind to learn the routines. She was only interested in the floor routines, so she decided to try out for the middle school drill squad. She made captain of all sixty girls who made the squad. Her coach, Elizabeth, Cantine, was amazed by her ability and suggested she try ballet at the local Boys and Girls Club. Her instructor there, Cindy Bradley, was also amazed. His love life begins with a girl named Abby who is on the drill team. However, being able to keep Abby on his arm is another obstacle he has to face.

After declaring his love to Abby, Amber Lee, the most popular freshman, manipulates him into asking her to the homecoming dance. The First Game Kendall Smith is a seventeen year old girl who is very passionate about basketball. Her family consists of her, her parents, and her twin sister, Kate.

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