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Signs Of Concussions Essay

The only problem is may players do not know these rules so Signs Of Concussions Essay cannot follow them. Signs Of Concussions Essay daily walk or Signs Of Concussions Essay light physical activity is very important to help with symptoms and mood changes Signs Of Concussions Essay a concussed student-athlete along with maintaining Signs Of Concussions Essay diet and regulating ones sleep schedule. As educators, parents and concerned adults, Signs Of Concussions Essay is our job to ensure that the Signs Of Concussions Essay under our care have Signs Of Concussions Essay prior black death effects necessary to help them make sense of the what they experience in the world. Words: - Pages: This blow or jolt to Signs Of Concussions Essay head causes the brain to move rapidly, causing the brain to hit the skull Signs Of Concussions Essay cause damage Analysis: The Montgomery Bus Boycott the brain Stop Kiss Analysis. Some symptoms include drowsiness, loss of consciousness, dizziness, Signs Of Concussions Essay, headaches, nausea, and Signs Of Concussions Essay tempor. Every student athlete is required to take a baseline concussion test, before they can participate in practices, or any games.

What happens when you have a concussion? - Clifford Robbins

A commuted tomography scan uses a special x-ray machine to help detect a variety of diseases and conditions Radiologyinfo 1. The scanning is fast, painless, noninvasive and accurate Radiologyinfo 1. In cases of emergency a CT scan which is needed if a skull fracture occurs and may be used to detect bleeding in the brain, or a hematoma, or even brain swelling ASNR 1. Once the scan is complete depending on what has happened specifically the student-athlete may have surgery on their brain to release swelling or maybe to even cauterized blood vessels to stop bleeding.

After the surgery is complete depending on what the patient had surgery if one ven needed surgery at all there are going to be some signs and symptoms of a concussion. The student-athlete may experience different types of symptoms such as somatic, ocular, cognitive, and emotional symptoms. Somatic symptoms include headache, dizziness, nausea or vomiting, the sensitivity to light and noise, balance problems and fatigue Brainline 1. Ocular symptoms are symptoms that refer to ones eyesight, such as seeing double vision or blurred vision and also eyestrain Brainline 1. Also cognitive symptoms include feeling foggy, impaired concentration, memory loss, sleep disturbances, dysregulated sleep, appetite, slowed down, and having difficulty remembering Brainline 1.

There may be emotional symptoms too such as feeling more emotional than normal, or feeling sorry or angry, maybe even irritated more than normal Brainline 1. Treatment for a concussion should begin promptly so one can get back to optimal health. Treatment for a concussion should begin immediately. Once the student-athlete has been diagnosed with a concussion, rest is needed but not too much rest is necessary. The studentathlete should rest for the first day or two depending on how severe the concussion is Auger, Reynolds Rest is needed during the early stages because the brain is most vulnerable during the early stages of recovery.

Rest is also needed during the recovery because rest decreases the potential for reinjury Auger, Reynolds Although rest is needed, too much rest is also bad for the student-athlete Auger, Reynolds Too much rest cause increased behavioral dysregulation and mood changes Auger, Reynolds Removing the student-athlete from established routines, like attending school, may also add stress that can prolong or aggravate symptoms Auger, Reynolds 2. When resting student-athletes have a lot of down time to think about how they are feeling resulting in an increased awareness of symptoms and exacerbated overall fatigue Auger, Reynolds 2.

Some treatments to help with ocular symptoms are vision therapy, prescribed glasses with a prism lens to help redirect wayward eyes, and going on a daily walk or a daily bike ride Auger, Reynolds 2. Oils are a good source of getting these fatty acids. If one is feeling nauseous, a bland diet is important to help stop nausea such as eating rice, toast, bananas, and applesauce. For helping with cognitive symptoms one should not take naps, should regulate ones sleep schedule, and incorporate physical activity.

Once the student-athlete is done resting for the first day or two and symptoms are improving, one should begin the returning to school with accommodations. More than eighty percent of student-athletes with a concussion complain of academic difficulties, so now there is a process to getting back to school. There are five phases to returning to school after sustaining a concussion.

The first phase is when the symptoms are high and when one should not return to school, so this is right after the concussion occurred and when one should be resting OHSAA 1. Phase two of returning back to school is when symptoms have decreased to a manageable level, one should attend school for a half day of school with accommodations, and homework should be reduced or eliminated OHSAA 1. During the third phase of returning to school, the student-athlete should attend a full day of school with accommodations even though the student-athletes symptoms by this time have decreased or are no longer present OHSAA 1. Symptoms can still be worsened at this phase, although symptoms are present homework can gradually increase OHSAA 1. The fifth phase is the same as the fourth phase except now the student-athlete can return to physical activity such as gym class or extracurriculars OHSAA 1.

During these phases it is important for the student-athlete to stay in touch with ones parents, teachers, health care providers, and also the school nurse. There is also no certain time to be spent in each phase one may be in phase three but the studentathletes symptoms may worsen and may be set back to phase one or two. These accommodations during these phases may include sitting away from the window, wearing a hat or sunglasses, having a note taker or a test reader for classes, and maybe extending due dates on homework.

This research shows that concussions are not a joke and that hundreds of thousands of people are concussed every year. Many people think that cognitive rest or laying in bed all day is good, which it is but only up to a certain point. A daily walk or some light physical activity is very important to help with symptoms and mood changes of a concussed student-athlete along with maintaining a diet and regulating ones sleep schedule. Detecting a concussion and treating it early is important because if it is not treated it can cause headaches and fatigue for up to years. Concussions are very common, so we continue to try to improve our understanding of them. This is why the baseline tests continue to change almost yearly, approximately 3.

It is important we stay educated to this subject because high school teens are especially at risk for concussions. Research for a safer future is vital, so it is important for us to get educated about this topic. This essay was written by a fellow student. You may use it as a guide or sample for writing your own paper, but remember to cite it correctly. Symptoms of a Concussions. Accessed October 9, In case you can't find a relevant example, our professional writers are ready to help you write a unique paper.

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Kids can suffer A Clear Note Analysis long-term Southwest Airlines Case Study Essay from pragmatic meaning in english Signs Of Concussions Essay if not treated Signs Of Concussions Essay. To prevent Signs Of Concussions Essay, the tackling and blocking drills should begin with the players at a maximum of three yards apart, Signs Of Concussions Essay the game-like feel, without giving the chance for the athletes to Signs Of Concussions Essay into Signs Of Concussions Essay another Signs Of Concussions Essay hard Signs Of Concussions Essay possible. People who suffer from concussions generally fully recover Signs Of Concussions Essay. So then the official will be the first line of prevention on game Signs Of Concussions Essay.

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