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Peoples Front Of Judea Quote

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Peoples front of Judea

Not to be outdone, the Romans besieged the city and promised that if there was to be any more killing, they would be the ones doing it. However, in order to deny the Romans a proper siege, one of the Jewish faction leaders burned their own food supply. This was done, presumably to simulate the effects of Jews being in a walled enclosure with no food and armed soldiers from a large empire trying to kill them.

I see what their doing! Those bastards! It was a bold plan and utterly pointless. Anyway, The Romans tried for weeks to get into the city but failed to get past the wall of Antonia. In order to assist the Romans, the Jewish rebels undermined the wall and it collapsed thus allowing the Romans to enter the city. They also left a tunnel so the Romans could get behind a third wall without too much difficulty. The Romans felt very grateful for the assistance their enemies gave them but also resented the Jewish interference in killing Jews.

Those who survived the Roman onslaught retreated to Masada where they vowed to make a last stand. As the Romans approached the fortress, Prince Josephus suggested that instead of fighting back, all the soldiers kill themselves so that the Romans would realize that they paid their army for nothing. The Jewish Revolt of 66 AD is often remembered as an event that took place… The success of the Jewish rebels against the numerically inferior Romans convinced the Japanese to order their soldiers to kill themselves whenever they came into contact with US marines in World War II.

During the coarse of the rebellion the Jews suffered between ,, casualties, most of this number died from self-afflicted wounds, falling off cliffs, and drinking questionable water sources, which turned out to be kerosene. Tragically, over 21 Romans lost their lives and almost 40 were wounded in the conflict. The Emperor swore that never again would so many soldiers die killing so few Jews. The Romans gained complete control of all of Judea and stole acquired all the gold the Jewish people had ever saved which was a lot.

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